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We were founded 17 years ago at the dawn of digital. Over the years, we’ve confidently navigated some of Europe’s biggest brands through wave after wave of digital disruption. From pioneering search to put ‘bums on seats’ for The Open University and ‘pints in hand’ for Guinness Storehouse, to growing global social communities from zero to the 5 million plus Guinness enjoys today, to implementing mobile and content solutions that have helped restore tourism numbers in Ireland to record levels. In every case, we’ve utilised every wave of disruption as an opportunity to positively transform the performance of brands.

In the last 24 months, we’ve noticed another storm of disruption gathering and we all know this time it’s different. Led by Generation Z and Millenials, and driven by high speed broadband, tech giants and new, disruptive business models, the way we consume, connect and communicate has changed forever. At Huskies, we believe this represents a tipping point that changes everything for brands. Simply put, what used to be the secondary thought for Clients has now become the primary opportunity for their brands.

The sort of problems we’ve always solved as an agency are now taking centre stage for brands. So we’ve strengthened our team of experts. We’ve combined Brand and ATL expertise with deep digital DNA to create a team that’s solving the business, brand and communications problems Clients face today. 

We chose the Huskies name because in Wikipedia Huskies are defined as an ever changing breed of the fastest dog. You could say we’ve been bred to do this. We’d like to show you why. 




Using a combination of strategic instinct, consumer data & cultural intelligence, alongside a passion for digital as the most innovative space for building brands and growing business, the Huskies planning team are the instigators and navigators of business and brand transformation.



Mixing heavyweight brand creative experience with a deep knowledge of digital, the Huskies creative team solve contemporary brand and business problems through ideas, innovation and creative thinking that only digital makes possible. We believe a creative solution only becomes a Huskies solution if it could succeed in a world without paid.


Social & Content

Drawn from backgrounds in journalism, film, design and PR, the Huskies social team are strategic and agile, listening and responding across multiple channels with creative content and conversations that influence every stage of the consumer purchasing journey, delivering at a scale that we’ve proven unlocks growth for brands.


Technology & Development

Innovation is the key to transformation. Our tech and development are involved in the creative process from the outset to infuse creative technology into every solution we develop. Deep digital skills and years of experience ensure we consistently deliver technical solutions to the highest industry standard, every time.


Search & Performance Media

With expertise in SEO, search content, PPC and paid social, the Huskies search and performance media team ensure your brand appears in the right place, at the right time, across the right channels. Your brands presence is always optimised and maximized to deliver the best possible ROI, everywhere it appears.


Data & Analytics

Our data & analytics team have proven that bridging the gap between data and knowledge is the key to transforming brands today. Whether it’s mining data to discover powerful cultural and consumer insights that unlock growth for your brand or optimizing campaign performance to maximize your ROI.



Using a combination of traditional and digital skillsets, our production team are dedicated to the successful, timely and cost-efficient delivery of all projects, no matter how technically detailed or logistically complex the project.


Client Services

Experts in creative brand communications combined with deep digital experience, our Client Service team are listeners, problem solvers and doers. They are here to solve the contemporary business and brand challenges you face, to partner with you to achieve your objectives, to make the complex simple and to help you transform your brand and business.


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