Our Jobs According to Mum

Mother’s Day is with us once again! This year though, instead of making a run to the local florist for a cheap and cheerful bunch of flowers, we wanted to give our lovely Mums a chance to tell us – in their own creative words – what it is we do for a living.


Irish Mammies tend to be super proud when it comes to their kids’ work achievements, but we’re also very aware here at Huskies that we work in a jargon-filled industry (with often pretty long-winded job titles), so we were curious to see what they actually reckon we do all day! The results vary from extremely flattering to really creative, and it’s definitely given us a very personal insight into our Mums’ view of ‘agency life’...



Ah, the typical ‘Irish Mammy’ - always well-informed, sometimes irreverent and never afraid to big us up...


These Mums know how to avoid any predictive text ‘fails’ by becoming fluent in emoji...



Our Leadership Team are passing on consolidated feedback to their Mums later on this week, and have taken note of the submissions for their mothers’ annual review...



Some responses were so close we couldn’t help but tell them they nailed it. Emily is just trying to work out how to word her new job description in her email signature…


Then there were the answers that showed us we may need to call our Mums more often... Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful mammies!