Huskies Table

A table is not just a place to eat - it’s somewhere to come together, to talk, to argue, to laugh, to work and to share. They’re usually the heart of a home and in the place you work it should be no different. These are just some of the reasons why Ben and I decided to make one.

Our kitchen has a beautiful view and should be the perfect place for everyone to come together at lunch, but it needed a table at it’s heart that was a little bit special, that showed what Huskies were all about and most importantly that lots of people could sit at.

Ben and me had always been interested in furniture design and the processes that were involved. We were also big fans of the idea of using reclaimed materials and pallet furniture. So on the basis of some minor dabbling separately and some major shared enthusiasm we decided to start a carpentry course and build a table.


First we worked out the design and the materials we’d use. We decided to use mostly old pallets and sterling board and keep the structure simple and practical. Generously we were given time to actually make the table and the use of the basement to work in. Like any project it took longer than we expected and as problems arose things changed along the way, but it was great fun and we’re pretty proud of the end product.


Most importantly people use it and the kitchen seems to have a new lease of life and conversation at lunch times.

Words: Sam Doyle
Video & Photography: Ben McDonald