An instant impression - the Huskies reception revamp

Our reception is the first place you see when you walk into our office - it needs to make an impression. And if we wanted that to be a good one, the agency decided it would need a makeover.

So after the huge success of our kitchen table, Ben and I submitted some designs.

Our idea was to create a space that worked on a number of levels - first of all it needed to be a reception area, a place people could use for meetings or to come up with ideas and lastly everybody wanted a table tennis area. We ambitiously suggested it could be all three.

To start with - we designed a table, which folded so that it could work as a reception desk or a meeting table. The dimensions were also perfect for playing ping-pong.

We had planned to use open source designs for the furniture that would go around the table. The trouble was that we became so inspired by the stuff we saw, that we decided to design our own.

So we got to work. We took inspiration from the Huskies logo and the reception area itself - making sure that we made the most of the view. We designed stools, chairs, shelves, side tables and even cushions. Each of the pieces needed to work individually, while also relating to the other furniture in the space.

reception furniture

We decided to work with birch ply - CNC cutting it to our designs. We worked with Michael Devoy & Co who were unbelievably helpful and did a great job.

Edge Beanbags made the cushions we designed for the chairs and The Iron Mill crafted the legs for our table.

At every point the people we worked with were brilliant, enthusiastic and helped us to bring our designs to life. 

The end result is a space, which still surprises us when we walk through the door. It’s something we’re very proud to have created and it has brought a new lease of life to the agency. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas or welcoming a client, everyone at Huskies has made this space their own. 


Doing this work in Huskies has definitely inspired Ben and I to keep making stuff. There’s something pretty special about creating the space you work in. It’s also wonderful to know you’ve made it so your colleagues feel comfortable and happier doing their job.

We also reckon that very soon Huskies are going to have the best table tennis team in town.