The Evolution of Freddy Fyffes

Last year, Fyffes asked us to help them relaunch their Freddy Fyffes character in the Irish market. We’ve been hard at work on this exciting project, and now, with launch date upon us we want to share the story of Freddy’s evolution.



As many of you are aware, Freddy is the spokes-banana for the brand, and featured character on the packs of snack-sized bananas sold in supermarkets all over the country. Over the years, he’s gone through many iterations. Fyffes felt that now was the right time to create a modern version that would provide cut-through in the marketplace, connect with the target audience of Mums, and also appeal to kids. One final consideration was the recently developed ‘Discover More’ proposition that’s being rolled out across the entire brand.

The first thing to do was to develop a personality for Freddy that would translate across a variety of mediums, from packaging and POS to radio, digital and social. We knew we wanted our Freddy character to be outspoken and have some attitude. We wanted him to be passionate about bananas and enthusiastic to the point of obsession. The characters we all connected to most as children were the interesting ones, the ones who grabbed your attention by being a little bit different.


So what’s this new version all about? Well for starters, Freddy is a real banana’s banana. He’s a larger than life character. He’s very energetic and full of beans, always up for an adventure and willing to try something new. Our Freddy is quite knowledgeable, but he isn’t perfect. From time to time he can make mistakes and be a little silly, but this just makes him even more loveable. This in particular shines through when he embarks on his adventures. He likes to think of himself as a bit of a Bear Grylls type - but he isn’t half as slick as he thinks; more often than not he gets himself into sticky situations. But these situations always seem to work out fine and Freddy always ends up on top, sometimes in spite of himself!

With Freddy’s personality taken care of, we set about creating a character that would embody it, and bring new life to the Fyffes brand. We looked through hundreds of references and sketched out dozens of designs before creating a production brief that was given to a carefully chosen selection of illustrators to interpret. Just as we’d hoped, they came back with a variety of designs, each offering something unique. With these designs in hand we undertook extensive research with parents and children to really hone our character and make sure we created something that both would respond to.


With our preferred option agreed, we then collaborated with our illustrator to perfect the character. This process was interesting and rewarding, as it allowed creative input from all sides to contribute towards the final design.

5Following a few brief rounds of amends and developments, we were satisfied that we’d created a modern, memorable character. We’d wanted to ensure Freddy’s visual design was colourful, simple and clean. This would give us the opportunity to design variations for different scenarios, and would mean Freddy could be easily translated into social posts, packaging, print, animation or digital executions. Through working closely with both the illustrator and client, we ended up with a character we’re extremely proud of and can’t wait to bring to life in the future.



8So far, Freddy has restricted his public appearances to the redesigned packaging and a redesigned website, but over the last few weeks we’ve been working on creating an exciting launch campaign for Freddy. This will ensure parents and children all over Ireland are introduced to the new and improved Freddy Fyffes, and the many adventures that he undertakes.