Awesome Audience Guy Speaks

Last week, one of our very own was yanked from the relative quiet of obscurity and into the bright lights of Internet sensationalism thanks to one simple yet effective move. He’s gone from being the guy to Awesome Audience Guy, Audience Legend and Smoothest Audience Guy Ever.



Many men spend hours in front of the mirror trying to conceive and perfect such a move; one that elicits admiration from complete strangers and conveys a sense of confidence so great that it catapults one from the shadows of an office cubicle onto the pages of Broadsheet, Reddit and Uproxx among others. But Awesome Audience Guy did no such thing – he simply took advantage of a [televised] moment, and the rest is Saturday Night Show history.


No one was more surprised of his new Internet fame than Awesome Audience Guy himself. With over 855,000 views on the original YouTube video and nearly 1,000 supportive comments from newfound fans (our favourites include “The timing is just so good, it’s like planet alignment!” and “LIKE A BOSS!”), A.A.G. is starting to feel the pressure - which may or may not stem from the gasps of awe that emanate from star-struck coworkers every time A.A.G. walks into the office.


“I may have peaked at 31 years of age and that’s pretty difficult to come to terms with,” said A.A.G., a look of worry flashing across his dark eyes. “But I will attempt to maintain the standards I have set and live up to the expectations. Many thanks.”


Spoken like a boss.


Clare Kleinedler – Social Media Manager, inthecompanyofhuskies.com