Huskies Launch Cookbook in aid of Fair Play Community Café

What do Korean Meatballs, Sri Lankan Vegetable Dal and Asian Red Cabbage Satay Slaw have in common? Well, not only are they all delicious Eastern delicacies, they can also all be found in the brand new In the Company of Huskies charity cookbook – the proceeds of which are all going to Fair Play Community Café!

'But why a cookbook?’ we hear you ask. Well, the busy lives we lead in our workplace often result in dreaded ‘desk sandwiches’ in front of our computers, away from actual, you know, real people. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reconnect with the bunch of folk we share those inches of carpet with every day.

Consequently, Huskies ‘Come Lunch with Me’ was born. Each Thursday, a different preassigned team would coordinate a spectacular banquet for their colleagues – starters, sides, mains and desserts. We’d all have the chance to put deadlines on hold for an hour, to just hang out and break bread together. As you can see from the pictures, the spreads were a big success!

Lunch 2-8 Lunch 1-1 Lunch 3-15 Lunch 4-5 

In fact, such was the quality of these mouth-watering dishes, we felt they needed to be shared, and thus, a few lightbulbs began flickering…

Fair Play Community Café is based in Ringsend and is a favourite haunt of agency staff at lunchtime. The café is dedicated to providing a top quality space for locals to enjoy healthy and affordable grub. Fair Play regularly runs ongoing charitable initiatives to the benefit of the local community, and each Thursday they provide a 4 course meal for €5 for those living alone or struggling to put dinner on the table. It’s a brilliant idea and one that we truly feel compelled to contribute to.

behind-the-counter-fair-play-600x412The friendly staff at Fair Play Community Café in Ringsend

So, fusing both our cooking skills and Fair Play’s wonderful work, the design team have produced a beautiful hardback collection of the best recipes and will be retailing the book via an online store - found here.

shop_1_grande shop_3_grande shop_4_grande shop_5_grande

The book was produced by award-winning independent printers, Plus Print, based in Glasnevin. The shop’s been running since 1985 and continually produces the highest quality work found in the city. So a big thanks to them for helping us create such a beautiful piece!

The cookbook will be retailing at €15 per copy, with ALL proceeds going to Fair Play Community Café. That’s not just the profits, but all the money we manage to collect! There are 150 copies for sale, so that’s €2,250 and a whopping 450 meals. To provide this many dishes at this time of the year would be truly special; and we really would like anyone reading this to help us reach this target.

And so, to summarise…

We’re lucky that we take food in such plentiful supply for granted because for many, merely avoiding hunger is a struggle in itself. This Christmas time, help provide some brief respite to those in difficult situations. Purchase a Huskies cookbook and brighten up someone’s day by giving them and their family the gift of a beautiful meal together. Please share our video and click the link below.

Purchase our Come Lunch With Me cookbook here