Huskies Launch Immersive Guinness Storehouse Videos

Earlier this week, Huskies and the Guinness Storehouse launched a series of innovative videos exploring the many immersive experiences on offer in this iconic Dublin destination.

Unsurprisingly,the Storehouse – a Huskies client for over a decade now – is a must-see for tourists and Dubliners alike. But we wanted to present visitors with a fresh and exciting taster of what to expect, since there’s lots more going on in there than meets the eye…! 

In order to really do justice to the wealth of incredible experiences waiting to be discovered inside the Storehouse, we created a selection of videos exploring the following themes: Advertising, Brewing, Retail, Guinness Academy and the Storehouse Story. We also brought all these experiences together in one longer piece showcasing the Storehouse as a whole (above).

The videos use an innovative mix of timelapse techniques and slow motion detail shots to really capture the essence of this magical place, while we also created an immersive 360 video that allows you to explore the space from the comfort of your device;



Though visitors are excited to step through those famous gates, they’re not necessarily aware that in the Storehouse they can learn to pull the perfect pint, tuck into a delicious meal, journey through the fascinating world of Guinness advertising, discover how this rich stout is brewed, learn about the 9,000 year-old lease signed by Arthur Guinness way back in 1759, and of course, enjoy one of Dublin’s most amazing panoramic views! Our videos offer compelling teasers to those curious about the Storehouse, and encourage them to visit for themselves. For more, visit the Guinness Storehouse site and YouTube page