Huskies Summer Party

The arrival Huskies Party

Summer time in Dublin, an expression which usually means a few nice days existing intermittently between showers and wind. Not the Summer of ‘13 which will fondly go down in the Irish memory as ‘that summer’.

Last Thursday, in South Studios, Dublin 8, we certainly had one of those nights in that summer.

A cavalcade of Huskies, friends and cavaliers arrived in taxicabs and bicycles to a venue bearing that old Dublin hat that many of the Dublin 8 buildings have in their charmoury - a wide open factory-space lending itself to free creative expression.

Our creative partners from Block T, Slipdraft, Street Performance World Championships and Damn Fine Print hosted a feast of beautiful images, sound, performances and artistic treats for the evening.

Art Huskies Party

Senmaru crowd huskies party
We were treated to fantastic performances by Senmaru who wooed us with his #amazing mysterious feats.

bXtreme Huskies Party

The high energy break-dancing from B Xtreme had us all reckoning we too could be bboys and girls, and so we had a go!

bboys and girls huskies party

At the back of the special South Studios, the carpark was transformed into a mini wonderland where trees grew from walls and traces of stairways and fireplaces of an older time were spotted all over with fairylights, a Moroccan hideaway bar and of course, scrumilicious food from Chef Kevin Powell of News of the Curd with Another Fine Mezz's Avril Murphy and the Gruel Guerillas.

News of the curd huskies party

Thanks to all of our partners and clients and friends for joining the party and making the Huskies Summer Party a night to remember for a long time.


Check out more of the images from the night (by Photographic Memory) over on Facebook...