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Project Scope

Production, Strategy, Creative, Client Services


From setting up standing orders to remembering your pin and basic mathematics – banking tasks can be nerve wracking. They seem so simple at first, but as most of us aren’t experts on the banking system, we can become a bit overwhelmed.  

The Brief

AIB came to us with the challenge of making a suite of informative videos. From mortgages to money management and lost or stolen cards, these videos needed to be simple and useful.   


So, we set about creating a template for simple, instructional banking videos. The first challenge we tackled was My Money Manager for AIB Tablet Banking. Simplicity was central to the way we approached this – we wanted every element from the visual style to the script and the music choice to support this idea.

Our Response

To accomplish this, we used stop-motion animation to illustrate the features of the programme. To reinforce the idea of simplicity we chose homely objects, with most of the animation and titling done in-camera, giving the production a homemade feel.


For a production with simplicity at its centre the process was surprisingly time-consuming. We enlisted the help of master animator Andy Rea who was swiftly banished to “Narnia” (our homemade studio space down a set of particularly dark stairs) and set to work animating our ragtag collection of piggy banks, baby dolls and coins. 


As Andy was busy working away, we set off to Mutiny Studios to record the lovely Aoife Nic for our voice over. As with everything we tried to keep our narration simple and welcoming, and Aoife did a great job.

The Outcome

The formula worked. The end result was a charming little video that makes the big bad world of banking seem less big, bad and banky.

Since that initial video, we have created a host of videos for in the same vain. These range from mortgages explained simply to a suite of FAQ videos. The AIB team utilises these internally, for customer service and with their business clients.

Who knew banking ‘how to’ videos could be so simple, useful and enjoyable?

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