Ulster Bank Rugby – Visualised

Ulster Bank

Project Scope

Social & Content, Client Services


Audiences can regard visualised information as they might a painting or a landscape. Take it in. Explore it with their eyes. Drink in the information. It’s relaxing. Enjoyable.  – Creative Review

The Brief

In this age of information excess, condensed, visualised information is a perfect way to engage people. Infographics are designed for this exact purpose – their concise structure and clear hierarchy provide easily digestible information to eat up your spare minutes.

Ulster Bank tasked us with conveying the results of a survey the bank conducted on rugby fans, and my job was to translate that data into something accessible and appealing.  

Our Response

The popularity of infographics is fueling their sophistication – just take a look at sites like Information is BeautifulFlowing DataInfosthetics Visual Loop to see how beautifully we’re communicating data to each other. These sources, as well as David McCandless’ excellent books and a recent overview of the data visualisation scene in Creative Review provided the inspirational springboard for this piece for Ulster Bank.


The overall style is broadly idiomatic of sports aesthetics with bold typography and strong use of player imagery, and the heavily textured treatment of the visuals coupled with the almost monochromatic colour palette attempts to capture the fierce, raw toughness of the sport and its players.


The Result

The result of putting love into a subject people are so passionate was overwhelmingly positive – with over 800,000 Twitter impressions and had a Facebook reach of 256,000. Six national newspapers have covered it, with the Irish Examiner reproducing the piece in full.


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