Visit Dublin 2014

Fáilte Ireland

Project Scope

Production, Strategy, Search & Performance Media, Data & Analytics, Social & Content, Creative, Client Services


We revisited Dublin and uncovered a new proposition to reveal her true identity:

Dublin is the vibrant capital city bursting with a variety of surprising experiences where city living thrives side by side with a natural outdoors.


The Brief

This new proposition, the mantra to which all Visit Dublin content would rely on, provided us with one simple task: prove it.

This was no small undertaking. Geographically targeting the UK, USA, France and Germany, not to mention taking into account the varying passion points of our audience added a layer to this challenge. With a target audience distinct in geography and interests, our content needed to match their diversity.  Importantly, we needed to create content that would guide them through the dreaming, planning and sharing phases of their Dublin visit.

When it comes to potential visitors, Dublin city is up against Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.   The need to showcase Dublin’s cultural vibrancy and eclectic charm was paramount.

Our Response

Through collaboration between search, social and creative minds at Huskies, we uncovered four themes for content that expose the surprising experiences that lie within Dublin city. We defined each theme and produced the content using our unique Huskies skillset, one that utilises SEO, social networking and sharing and of course creativity to effectively deliver the right content to the right people at the right moment. 

City of Words

Revered the world over for it’s literary excellence, Dublin city has produced some of the best novelists, playwrights, and poets and is home to some of the most remarkable theatres in Europe. From articles on the people behind Dublin theatre to timelines revealing a bit of Dublin theatre history, we exposed the literary trove that is Dublin from the inside out.


The Living Bay

A drastic change from the busy city streets, the coastal villages that define Dublin Bay make it a city like no other.  Steeped in history and full of adventure packed activities, we reveal Howth, Malahide, Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire through illustrated maps and the stories of day-long adventures in each village.


Extraordinary Days & Happening Nights

With two annual festivals descending upon Dublin city, New Year’s Festival and the Bram Stoker Festival, we let these extraordinary events speak for themselves. Building up excitement for the New Year’s Festival through a countdown list-of-lists revealing that Dublin city truly has something for everyone at New Year’s.  As the gothic themed Bram Stoker Festival invaded Dublin, we sought to expose Dublin’s truly gothic heart, dissecting the unique parts of gothic Dublin that come out to play.



Dublin Stories: Hidden & Untold

As the 1916 Easter Rising centenary approaches, this gave us the chance to expose Irish history that usually doesn’t transfer across waters. Rather than serving as a history lesson, we focused on the people, exposing their personalities and the influence they’ve had on modern Ireland.

The Outcome 

Dublin has dominated social conversations, capturing between 40-45% of user’s attention when compared to Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Dublin city is brimming with history, steeped in literary excellence, packed with outdoor adventure activities and provides an experience you won’t find anywhere else.   With such a fascinating city to talk about, we merely had to find an engaging way to tell Dublin’s story.  

As a vast and eclectic place, we created a varied and expansive content to prove our new Dublin proposition:

Dublin is the vibrant capital city bursting with a variety of surprising experiences where city living thrives side by side with a natural outdoors.

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