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When Vodafone asked us to raise awareness of their partnership with Spotify over Christmas on the http://www.facebook.com/VodafonePlayground page and the @VodafoneStage Twitter account, we were excited at the opportunity to create fun, festive, relevant and brilliant content that would resonate with the Playground audience.

Therefore, our aim here was both to inform and entertain. To do so, we created three themes within the overall Christmas campaign, each of which worked together to raise awareness of the Spotify partnership,  as a unique point of difference for the Christmas campaign to increase interaction on the page.

Festive Social Objects

Our first theme’s function was to inform and educate users about the partnership between Vodafone and Spotify. We opted for a series of festive social objects which used lyrics from popular Christmas songs and served to establish the connection between Vodafone, Spotify and the holiday season, in a culturally relevant way. 


Rappers Under Wraps

We then wanted to have some fun with the messaging, featuring popular well-known rappers, who we knew would appeal to our audience (Vodafone Playground’s fans are predominantly aged 18 – 35), and all of whom were available on Spotify. We ‘wrapped’ four rappers and asked users to guess who they were, giving away prizes to winners selected at random. Our users correctly identified Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Run-DMC…


…and – this guy! He was a little trickier to guess, but we learned that our users like a challenge; he was also the highest clicked and commented post in the Playground page’s history, and ranked in the top 5 highest-engaged posts in all of telecoms. The question is… can you name him?!


Christmas Bands

Continuing with this theme of guessing games, we also posted a series of festive band images, like the ones below, and asked our fans to name the musical act. And once again, the users loved it! Beyoncé (or ‘Bee on Sleigh’ to those of you who cracked the code!) achieved the highest viral reach in the history of Playground page, with a whopping 4,366 likes and 8283 comments.


In all, we were delighted with the results – this content marketing led campaign was Vodafone Playground’s most successful ever, resulting in the Vodafone audience being the most engaged online fanbase in the telecoms category during the period. For us, distribution of this great content was key. We used Twitter as a means to seed out content to relevant  key influencer as well as radio partners, Spotify and music label partners to further extend the reach of this content beyond the Vodafone Playground page. As  a result posts from the campaign were shared on Twitter by the likes of Kodaline, The Pogues, Spin 1038, Christmas FM, Darragh Doyle and 98FM, to name but a few. This distribution strategy – in conjunction with our creation of highly shareable, creative, humorous and engaging content, resulted in one of the biggest Huskies success stories of 2013.

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